Foundation. Sometimes while browsing with Mozilla Firefox we all come across different issues. So, we are here to pull you out from a difficult situation by providing you a Firefox support which helps you in resolving any type of issues which is becoming a hurdle for you.

Before moving towards Firefox support, let’s take a look what is Firefox and how is better in using other web browsers.

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As all, we know about Mozilla Firefox, an open source web browser developed by Mozilla. There are millions of web browsers for browsing millions of things. Sometimes we get confused which browser is better because we are surrounded with lots of browsers.

Mozilla  Firefox, simply known as Firefox is a free and open source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation. In initial days it started as Phoenix developed by Mozilla community as a standalone browser rather than the Mozilla application suite. Firefox proved to be a popular browser. This was because of its speed, security, and add-ons compared to Microsoft’s explorer 6.

Features of Mozilla Firefox:

Firefox comes up with a new set of various features that include browsing, bookmarking, smart bookmarks, private browsing, geolocation by Google services, and many other things. It has also adopted many new extensions added to the desktop version and also in Android.

Features of Mozilla Firefox:

  • Standards:  Firefox follows many web standards which include HTML 4 XML, XHTML, CSS and many other standards. Firefox has passed many acid2 standards version 3.0 and many other standards. It has also implemented a proprietary protocol from Google called safe browsing used to exchange data and provides security from phishing and malicious activities.
  • Security and protection: Firefox is generally known for fewer security vulnerabilities as that of internet explorer. Firefox allows sandbox security model to manage privileges to JavaScript code, yet this feature has been removed due to its drawbacks. It uses SSL/TLS to protect communications with web servers using strong cryptography when using HTTP protocols.

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How to Firefox support will help you?

At a time of browsing, we face many problems that we cannot be able to fix it. Here we provide you with some solutions to specific issues which helps you in resolving this issues.

firefox security

Firefox is getting slow or stops working

When Firefox hangs i.e. it stops responding to your files and doesn’t feel like to do anything. There are many factors which make it slow or not responding display on the screen. All you have to do go to troubleshooting manager and it will automatically show where your browser is actually lacking.

The problem in the plug-in:

If you are getting the problem in managing plug-in or you want to test whether your plug-in is interrupting in browsing with Firefox as it is using more memory. Here are few tricks to solve this kind of issues:

  • Click on menu button and select add-ons.
  • After add-ons, tap on plug-in model
  • Click on a plug-in model and select it to disable option.
  • Restart your browser and you will be more easy to use the browser.

firefox support number

How will Firefox support help you?

There are many problems which can’t be resolved without a technical expert. Firefox provides Firefox customer support under which our technical experts are there to look into your issues and try to resolve as soon as possible. Firefox support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Contacting through email is also an approach for getting a help. You have to simply fill a form with your problem and our executive will look into issues and contact with 24-48 hrs.

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