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August 17, 2018
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August 17, 2018

Firefox Won’t Download|Get Easy Fixes at Our Firefox Customer Support

Problems while downloading files on the Firefox browser is not a new thing. Many Firefox users report about the issue on a daily basis  Firefox won’t download on Windows 10 is quite an annoying issue especially when you’re in the middle of some important work. Are you facing the same problem? Then my article will definitely help you overcome the problem with ease.

Though there are several issues users may face on Firefox, Firefox downloads fail is one of the most commonly occurring problems. Still, Firefox is one of the best because of its reliability, speed and security. Most importantly, Firefox has one of the largest user bases across the globe. But like every software or browser we use, Firefox too is not impervious to problems.

Well, getting the proper help to solve your Firefox Won’t Download problem is the primary matter of concern. Let’s take a look at the solution you can try to fix the issue.


How To Fix Firefox Won’t Download Issue Easily?

The solutions given below can help you to fix the problem. But these work temporarily to solve the Firefox won’t download problem you are going through. To get the easy and long-term solution to your problem you must take help from the professional technicians. Dial our Toll-free Firefox Support number: +1-866-640-5516  and let the experts help you.

Check Your Internet Connection

In most of the cases, the problem is just due to an unstable internet connection. You need to have an uninterrupted internet connection to download files using Firefox. Perform a ping test and check if you have enough internet speed to download the file.

Clear Your Download History

Clearing all your download history can solve the problem. Perform the following steps to fix the Firefox Won’t Download:

  • Firstly, Click the Downloads button.
  • Then Click on the button Show all downloads. When you select this, here the Downloads Window will open.
  • Now, in the Downloads Window, click the Clear Downloads option.
  • Finally, Close the Downloads Window.

Choose a Different Download Folder

There can be a certain issue with the download folder because of which Firefox downloads fail. Alter the download path to fix the issue. Following steps will help you to alter the download folder:

  • Click the menu button and choose Options.
  • Then, Select the General panel.
  • Now, locate the Downloads section which is under Files and Applications.
  • Then, Click on the Browse button which is next to the option Save files to entry.
  • Choose a different download folder for saving files.
  • Finally, close the about: preferences page.

All the changes will be saved automatically.

Reset Your Download Folder

Resetting the download folder can also be helpful for you. Follow the steps below to reset your download folder

  • At first, in the address bar, type about: config and press Enter.

The about: config “This might void your warranty!” warning page may appear in the screen. Click I accept the risk! to continue to the about config page.

  • Then there in the Search field, enter
  • If any of the following settings have a status of modified, reset their values.
  • Follow further steps to reset a value,
  • right-click the setting and select Reset from the context menu:

If you want you can easily revert back to your preferred download folder settings. All you need to do is just change your Firefox settings.

All the above solutions went in vain? Then you can take our expert’s assistance to fix the problem.


Reach Our Firefox Customer Support

Firefox Support has three multiple contact channels open 24/7 at your service. Here is the list of contacts through which you can get help from our Mozilla Certified networking technicians.

Firefox Technical Support Number: You can dial our Firefox Tech Support number: +1-800-712-0807 and talk to the technicians anytime you want.

Firefox Email Support: You can enlist all your issues and queries and send it to info@firefoxsupport .com.The experts will get back to you with the best solution.

Firefox Chat Support: Firefox Chat Support executives are available round the clock at Firefox Live Chat Support Portal. You can visit there anytime and get one to one assistance.


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