Mozilla Firefox is a user-friendly web browser which has made browsing the internet truly good experience. One of the features that most of us use while using any web browser is that of bookmarks. You can actually list all the websites that you use on a regular basis by using the bookmark toolbar. This will help you in accessing the website with ease.  At times you will have to export the bookmarks that you have been using in Firefox.

Reasons to export firefox bookmarks to HTML file:

Two of the basic reasons due to which one may want to export the bookmarks from firefox are:

  • You may be wanting to maintain a backup of all your bookmarks
  • You may need to import these bookmarks to some other web browser.

Steps about how to export firefox bookmarks:

Many people will need technical help in understanding the exact procedure to export firefox bookmark. We have tried here to give you the steps that you need to follow to export the firefox bookmarks:

  • First, you need to locate the bookmarks tab
  • Click on the bookmark button
  • Now you will get the option to show all bookmarks
  • Click on this option
  • By clicking on this option you will open the library window
  • Here you get the option “Export bookmarks to HTML”
  • Click on this option
  • Now a export bookmark file will open. The default name of this file is bookmarks.html
  • Save this file in the desired location by clicking on the save option
  • Close the library window

For technical assistance you need experts:

The exporting of firefox bookmarks is a very technical aspect for which many of you may need firefox tech support. There are a number of things with which we can assist you with regards to the bookmarks of Firefox. Here is a list of some of the things with which we can assist you:

  • We can help you understand the concept of bookmarks
  • We can help in the creation of new bookmarks
  • We can help in taking the back up of all the existing bookmarks in firefox
  • We can help in exporting the firefox bookmarks to an HTML file and saving it for future use
  • We can also help with the procedure to import the firefox bookmarks that you have saved to another web browser.

Here is how you can contact us:

There are a number of ways using which you can seek our assistance. You can call us directly at our {*1-844-230-3069} and speak to us about the problems that you are facing in exporting the bookmarks in firefox. You can also get assistance from our chat support team. You can tell our chat support team about the different queries about exporting the firefox bookmarks and they will revert back at the earliest. You can seek technical assistance from our online live-support team and understand the procedures from them

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