Firefox is the most trusted browser with excellent tools and design. Despite great functionality, some of the users are facing problems with it. There are many problems which can’t be exactly resolved without taking help. So, if you are searching for such thing, then you are a right platform where we will not only pull you out from the difficult situation but also help you in fixing your issues. Firefox Support is always ready to help you.

At some moments we are encountered with not responding problems and it’s a most irritating problem we all face.

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Problem: How to fix not responding error message in Firefox?

Solution: There are many factors that make Firefox go slow and hang. Let’s take a look how to fix it;

  • Open Firefox browser.
  • On the left side of window, tap Firefox options
  • Select advanced panel
  • Uncheck hardware acceleration when available
  • Restart your browser.

Problem:  plug-in also cause Firefox to slow and hang

Solution: The sometimes outdated plug-in in the browser also the major factor for not responding messages. Then all you have to do is to reinitialize your plug-in database and update it with following steps;

  • go to Firefox tab
  • select troubleshooting and diagnosing information
  • select application basic section
  • delete pluginreg.datfile extension
  • restart Firefox browser
  • Update all plug-in by tapping update option on each plug-in.

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Problem: opening of multiple WebPages after session restore?

Solution: delete all duplicate session files

  • For this, go to Firefox tab
  • Select help and tap on troubleshooting problem
  • Folder option will appear under application basic section.
  • Delete sessionstore.js and all duplicate files
  • Restart browser again.


 Problem: adjust dom.max_script_run_time  setting?

Solution: Firefox configure many files and page scripts to give little time to complete and run longer. You might get so many unresponsive scripts and pages. By configuring with this file in the browser, not responding message will not appear.

All you to do a simple steps to adjust it. They are:
  • input about:confiq in firefox’s url bar
  • type dom.max_script_run_time  setting into search box at the top of confiq page.
  • double click on dom.max_script_run_time and input it to a higher value.
  •  if you have done with above solutions till not firefox not responding messages appear, then reset it to factory default settings
  • open firefox browser
  • click help and troubleshooting problems
  • click reset on firefox confirmation dialog box to continue
  • restart browser.

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how firefox support will help you?

There are many problems which can’t be resolve without technical experts. firefox provides firefox customer support under which  our technical experts are there  to look into your issues and try to reolsve as soon as possible. firefox support are there 24 hours a days and 7 days a week who will constantly look into your issues untill your problem doesn’t get reoslved.

Contacting through email is also an approach for getting a help. You have to simply fill a form with your problem and our executive will look into issues and contact with 24-48 hrs.



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